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/m/01xwkgl The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility: The Ideas Behind the World's Slowest Computer Stewart Brand
/en/how_buildings_learn How Buildings Learn Stewart Brand Reference
/en/dubliners Dubliners James Joyce Short story, Fiction An Encounter, Mahony, Old Cotter, Father Flynn, The Boy
/en/a_portrait_of_the_artis... A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce Künstlerroman, Autobiography, Novel, Autobiographical novel Stephen Dedalus, Simon Dedalus, Mary Dedalus, Emma Clery, Mr. John Casey, Uncle Charles, Eileen Vance, Father Conmee, Brother Michael, Fleming
/en/ulysses Ulysses James Joyce Fiction, Novel Leopold Bloom, Molly Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, Buck Mulligan, Sargent, Haines, Garrett Deasy, Blazes Boylan, Patrick "Paddy" Dignam, The Citizen, Gerty MacDowell, Mina Purefoy, Lynch, D. B. Murphy, Rudy Bloom, Father John Conmee, Milly Bloom, Simon Dedalus
/en/the_feynman_lectures_on... The Feynman Lectures on Physics Richard Feynman, Robert B. Leighton Science, Mathematics
/en/the_american_language The American Language H. L. Mencken
/en/keep_the_aspidistra_flying Keep the Aspidistra Flying George Orwell Novel
/en/marathon_man Marathon Man William Goldman Thriller, Novel, Fiction, Conspiracy fiction Dr. Christian Szell, Thomas Babington "Babe" Levy, Elsa Opel, Peter Janeway, Henry 'Doc' Levy
/en/peril_at_end_house Peril at End House Agatha Christie Crime Fiction, Fiction, Children's literature, Mystery, Suspense Hercule Poirot
/en/the_old_new_land The Old New Land Theodor Herzl Utopian and dystopian fiction, Fiction
/en/kabumpo_in_oz Kabumpo in Oz Ruth Plumly Thompson Children's literature, Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative fiction
/en/ethan_frome Ethan Frome Edith Wharton Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Children's literature, Romance novel The Narrator, Mattie Silver, Zenobia 'Zeena' Frome, Harmon Gow, Ethan Frome
/en/frankenstein Frankenstein Mary Shelley Horror, Science Fiction, Gothic fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative fiction, Mystery, Epistolary novel, Suspense, Romance novel, Romanticism Captain Robert Walton, Frankenstein's monster, Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Henry Clerval
/en/moby-dick Moby-Dick; or, The Whale Herman Melville Adventure fiction, Fiction, Sea story Ishmael, Queequeg, Captain Ahab, Stubb, Starbuck, Moby Dick, Elijah, Captain Boomer
/en/the_count_of_monte_cristo The Count of Monte Cristo Auguste Maquet, Alexandre Dumas Adventure fiction, Historical novel, Romance novel, Fiction Edmond Dantès, Fernand Mondego, Abbé Faria
/en/death_comes_as_the_end Death Comes as the End Agatha Christie Crime Fiction, Fiction, Historical whodunnit, Mystery, Suspense
/en/emma Emma Jane Austen Novel, Fiction, Reference, Children's literature, Romance novel, Comedy of manners, Comedy film George Knightley, Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, Mrs. Elton, Jane Fairfax, Mrs. Weston, Mr. Weston, Mr. Elton, Harriet Smith, Frank Churchill
/en/the_begums_millions The Begum's Fortune Jules Verne Science Fiction, Utopian and dystopian fiction, Speculative fiction
/wikipedia/fr/Contact_$0028... Contact Carl Sagan Science Fiction, Fiction, Children's literature, Speculative fiction Dr. Eleanor Ann "Ellie" Arroway
/en/this_side_of_paradise This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald Novel, Fiction Rosalind Connage, Amory Blaine, Isabelle Borgé, Monsignor Darcy, Beatrice Blaine
/en/clarissa Clarissa Samuel Richardson Epistolary novel
/en/absolute_beginners Absolute Beginners Colin MacInnes Novel, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
/en/the_tailor_of_gloucester The Tailor of Gloucester Beatrix Potter Children's literature, Fiction
/en/hannibal_rising Hannibal Rising Thomas Harris Crime Fiction, Thriller, Fiction, Speculative fiction, Mystery, Suspense Hannibal Lecter, Lady Murasaki, Inspector Popil, Vladis Grutas, Zigmas Milko