Freebase id Name Authors Genres Characters
/en/zastrozzi Zastrozzi Percy Bysshe Shelley Romance novel
/en/young_goodman_brown Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne Fiction, Short story Goodman Brown, Faith, The Old Man, Goody Cloyse, Deacon Gookin, The Minister
/en/you_cant_scare_me You Can't Scare Me! R. L. Stine Horror, Children's literature, Speculative fiction Mud Monster, Courtney, Hat, Charlene, Eddie, Molly
/en/yellow_back_radio_broke... Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down Ishmael Reed Western, Western fiction, Satire
/en/wuthering_heights Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë Novel, Fiction, Gothic fiction Mr. Linton, Edgar Linton, Joseph, Mrs. Linton, Hareton Earnshaw, Mr Earnshaw, Isabella Linton, Mrs Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, Hindley Earnshaw, Heathcliff, Nelly Dean, Linton Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw, Lockwood, Zillah, Frances Earnshaw, Dr Kenneth
/en/works_of_love Works of Love Søren Kierkegaard
/wikipedia/fr_id/1301979 Woodstock Walter Scott Historical novel
/en/wolfblade Wolfblade Jennifer Fallon Fantasy, Fiction, Speculative fiction
/en/woken_furies Woken Furies Richard K. Morgan Science Fiction, Novel, Speculative fiction
/en/wittgensteins_mistress Wittgenstein's Mistress David Markson Speculative fiction, Experimental literature
/en/wise_children Wise Children Angela Carter Magic realism, Fiction
/en/winter_holiday Winter Holiday Arthur Ransome Children's literature, Adventure fiction Bridget Walker, Roger Walker, Nancy Blackett, Titty Walker, Susan Walker, Peggy Blackett, John Walker, Dorothea Callum, Dick Callum
/wikipedia/en_title/Winnie-... Winnie-the-Pooh A. A. Milne Children's literature, Fiction
/wikipedia/en_title/Wild_Se... Wild Seed Octavia E. Butler Science Fiction, Horror, Speculative fiction
/en/wieland Wieland Charles Brockden Brown Gothic fiction, Fiction, Horror, Speculative fiction
/en/white_company White Company Arthur Conan Doyle
/en/whisky_galore__1947 Whisky Galore! Compton Mackenzie Farce, Comedy film
/en/whipping_star Whipping Star Frank Herbert Science Fiction, Fiction, Speculative fiction
/en/when_the_wind_blows When the Wind Blows Raymond Briggs Graphic novel, Anti-nuclear movement, Fiction
/en/when_the_green_star_calls When the Green Star Calls Lin Carter Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Speculative fiction
/en/when_hitler_stole_pink_... When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Judith Kerr Children's literature Anna, Max, Papa, Mama, Uncle Julius, Francis, Trudi, Max Vreneli, Omama, Bertha, Heimpi
/base/ranker/rankerurlname/... What We Say Goes Noam Chomsky Non-fiction, Political philosophy
/en/what_was_lost What Was Lost Catherine O'Flynn Fiction, Mystery
/en/what_maisie_knew What Maisie Knew Henry James Novel
/wikipedia/en_title/We_Can_... We Can Remember It for You Wholesale Philip K. Dick Science Fiction, Short story, Fiction